North American Rescue

Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit

SKU: FRNR-80-0027
$315.10 each INC GST

The Heat Reflective Shell is constructed of a 4 ply, composite fabric with a protected non-conductive reflective layer that provides excellent thermal insulation.

It has a built in hood, fluid absorption pad and is tapered from top to bottom to maximise isothermal capabilities. This reinforced heat reflective shell is weight tested to support 81 kgs.

Rapid 360º access to the patient with minimal exposure is achieved through the use of 3.75cm continuous hook and loop closures.

The kit also contains a self-heating, four cell shell inner providing a temperature to 41ºC and is designed to sustain 6 hours of continuous dry heat.

The Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit is vacuum packaged in a rugged, pliable and durable pouch with tabs that allow easy access and rapid deployment.


  • The complete kit packaged:
    • 16.88cm (H)  x 26.25cm (W) x 13.75cm (D)
  • Heat Reflective Shell (open):
    • 195cm (L) x 107.5cm (W)
  • Weight: 1.58kg