Ambu ECG Electrodes

Since the first single-use Ambu® BlueSensor™ ECG electrodes were introduced in 1976, the Ambu ECG electrode portfolio has expanded to include a wide range of sizes, shapes, gel types and backing materials, making sure you get reliable devices for every situation.

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For diagnostic ECG recording before, during and after patient exercises at varying intensity levels.

Ambu Bluesensor R Stress Test Female Nurse And Male Patient On A Bike 2

Long Term

Continuous diagnostic recording of the heart for 24-48 hours or for up to 7 days.

Ambu Bluesensor Vlc And Skin Fix Female Nurse Showing Holter Monitor To Male Patient 2

Short Term

Standard test for measuring the heart's electrical functioning.

Ambu Bluesensor Qr Female Nurse Put Electrode On Male Patient Card


For short-term monitoring ECGs with patients in the supine position.

Ambu Bluesensor Su On Male Patient 2


For monitoring and diagnostics of paediatric patients' heart.

Cardiology Pediatric Application Card2


For monitoring and diagnosis of neonatal patients' heart.

Cardiology Neonatal Application Card1