About Pharmaco


Pharmaco was established in 1967 to service international pharmaceutical companies wanting to bring their top quality, research-based products to New Zealand. Several years later, Pharmaco expanded its partnership to include global medical technology companies, establishing Pharmaco Medical + Emergency.

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Pharmaco Medical + Emergency

Pharmaco Medical + Emergency is a leading supplier of quality emergency care, resuscitation and trauma products, covering the whole journey, from the site of the emergency to the emergency room.

We represent global medical technology companies, including Stryker, Ambu, Aerogen, C.A.T. Resources, North American Rescue and American Diagnostic Corporation.

With the best fit-for-purpose and evidence-based products, we help to improve patient care and health outcomes – ultimately saving lives. We look forward working with you, knowing in our hearts that we can make a difference today, and every day. 

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