Hartwell Combi Carrier II

From $2,610.50 each INC GST

The Combi Carrier II may be used as a scoop stretcher or a backboard, it is a device that incorporates the advantages of both the scoop stretcher and the backboard into a single product.

Its simple innovative design minimises training.

The concave patient surface provides excellent lateral support thereby minimising movement of the patient's spine during lifting and transport.

In the case of automobile extrication, it can act like a normal backboard being used as a sliding surface to extricate the patient from the vehicle.

For patients with suspected hip, pelvic and spinal injuries the fact that the board can be easily separated at either end ensures unnecessary movement is eliminated.

As the board comes together the Auto-Lock system instantly engages.

As an extrication device it will accommodate various reusable and disposable head immobilisers.

The clear centre section provides unobstructed A/P view of the patient's spine whilst the split design allows for simple, easy removal and reapplication for detailed X-ray examination.

Dimensions: 186.7cm (L) x 41.9cm (W) x 5.6cm (D)

Weight: 7.1kg

Load capacity: 205kg

Supplied complete with speed clip patient restraints.

Available in lime-green or olive-green for Tactical/Military.