CombiCarrier II

Hartwell Combi Carrier II Head Immobiliser

From $343.85 each INC GST

Designed specifically for use with Combi Carrier II, this head immobiliser allows for easy operation of the latch mechanism on the Combi Carrier II during application and removal from the patient.

The compact, tapered head supports minimal lateral movement and maximises access to the patient's neck and ears without compromising stabilisation.

You can leave the low profile base plate of the Combi Carrier II Head Immobiliser on the Combi Carrier II backboard/stretcher and therefore save valuable on-scene time during an emergency call.

Constructed of vinyl dipped NBR, the head immobiliser is X-ray compatible, easily cleaned and requires minimal storage space.

It also fits most other 40cm (16") backboards in use today and is ideal for water rescues.

Available in yellow, or black for Tactical/Military