WaterJel Face Mask

SKU: FRJA-205047
$48.47 each INC GST

The WaterJel Face Burn Dressing is a unique dressing specifically designed to conform to any adult or child's face.

It is large enough to protect the entire face, ears, neck and part of the head.

The burn dressing has flaps for the eye slits, eyelid flaps, nose and an ''H'' cut mouth allowing for access to nasal passages, mouth and eyes.

Coverage and management of thermal damage to the ears is also a benefit.

The WaterJel® is primarily composed of deionised water, thickened to help it stay in place and a small amount of Tea Tree Oil, a natural bacteriostatic.

The burn dressing is able to be used on superficial, partial and full thickness burns, is gel-soaked, sterile and foil packed. 

Consists of a medical grade, non-woven polyester carrier.