WaterJel Critical Burn Injury Kit

SKU: FRJA-020047
$189.75 each INC GST

The WaterJel® Face Mask covers 7% of adult total body surface area (TBSA), 16% of a child's TBSA.

The special dimensions of the face mask ensure that the care of a facial burn extends as far as the ears and well over the chin, catering for potential burns to the neck.

Measuring 30 x 40cm, it has pre-indented flaps for optimum access to the eyes and nose as well as an ''H'' shaped indented flap for oral access and airway management.

When combined with the large burn dressing, 20cm x 45cm, the Face Mask will create a full helmet for the head of the burned patient.

Because of the size of the WaterJel® Face Mask and the large TBSA it can cover it is ideal for other areas of the body also.

All WaterJel® burn dressings are saturated well beyond their own capacity (13 times their own weight) in liquid gel consisting of 96% demineralised water in gel form together with a medical grade tea-tree oil as a bacteriostatic constituent to protect the wound against further contamination.

Other constituents serve to provide the retention of effect and good storage life.

It is completely water soluble.

This WaterJel® Critical Kit consists of:

  • 1 x WaterJel® Face Mask
  • 2 x WaterJel® Hand and Foot Dressings
  • 2 x WaterJel® 10 x 10cm Burn Dressings
  • 2 x Bandages
  • 1 x Scissors