WaterJel Burn Dressing For Hand And Foot

SKU: FRJA-206047
$47.21 each INC GST

This WaterJel® Hand and Foot Burn Dressing unique dressing features a special design to wrap between fingers and toes to prevent fusing and completely wrap the hand and foot to cool and protect them from contamination.

The burn dressing includes a large, clean barrier sheet for ease in applying the dressing.

It can be used on superficial, partial or full thickness burns and is gel-soaked, sterile and foil packed.

WaterJel® Burn Dressings are all scientifically designed to draw the heat out of a burn.

The heat energy is spread over the whole gel surface because the material conforms to the uneven burn surface.

At the outer surface of the gel, the heat is released by transfer into the air.

The buffer effect of the WaterJel® layer leads to rapid heat transfer out of the burn wound without losing temperature around the area of usage.

The WaterJel® Hand and Foot Burn Dressing covers 3% of adult total body surface area (TBSA) and 5% of a child's TBSA.