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NOV 16 2021

Back to school with alcohol free hand sanitiser

Keeping kids’ hands sanitised during the day has been made easier now The EcoChemist’s natural foaming hand sanitiser is available in a handy 50ml bottle that easily fits in a school bag. The EcoChemist doesn’t use alcohol or harsh chemicals and contains a natural super disinfectant making it a...
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OCT 12 2021

Move over homemade hand sanitiser

People are searching for natural, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, soft, and kind hand sanitiser and are even making it themselves. Why? They want an alternative to using alcohol and harsh chemicals to keep their hands germ-free. Homemade sanitisers first became popular at the start of the pand...
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AUG 31 2021

Now in easy multipack

The EcoChemist's natural foaming hand sanitiser for germ free and soft hands is now available in packs of four or twelve 50ml bottles, so separate dispensers can be easily kept wherever needed, at home, work, school or in the car. The Kiwi developed product is completely natural, doesn’t contain...
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DEC 19 2019

NZ Trucking gets behind Stopping the Bleed

Pip, talks to Dave from NZ Trucking about what to do if you are the first on the scene of an accident where there is severe bleeding. Learn about 'Push Hard, Don’t Stop'. And how to apply a CAT Tourniquet.
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DEC 18 2019

Lifesaving Stopping the Bleed campaign targets road fatalities

Stopping the Bleed is setting its sights on reducing New Zealand's road deaths. Over the last two years, 2017 and 2018, 758 people have died as a result of road crashes, with 2018 having the worst total in a decade at 380.

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MAR 05 2019

Lifesaving Stop the Bleed campaign launched

A campaign to raise public awareness about life threatening severe bleeding after an accident has been launched today by New Zealand healthcare company Pharmaco Medical + Emergency, and is being supported by the Medical Director for St John.

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MAR 05 2019

Learn how to Stop Bleeding with these simple training videos.

View these simple training videos below and see how you can stop bleeding using a C.A.T Tourniquet or with Celox; a specially treated dressing which clots blood on contact.

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