With the right tools and the right knowledge, you can save a life.

There are many common accidents that can result in major bleeding such as kids crashing through windows at home, to fishing and boating accidents, work or DIY machinery, road and even hunting accidents.

And Kiwis lives are lost every year simply because people are unaware of what to do to stop bleeding for long enough to save a person’s life. We are talking about major bleeding where blood is spurting or pouring from a wound as the heart pumps. In this case there are two ways to stop bleeding. Either by full body-weight pressure on the wound, or by applying a tourniquet.

View the videos below and see how you can stop the bleed using a C.A.T Tourniquet or with Celox; a specially treated dressing which clots blood on contact. You can also check out the articles to learn more about the Stopping the Bleed campaign. And why Pharmaco and Dr Tony Smith, Medical Director from St John believe lives could be saved by friends, colleagues or loved ones by a quick response to a major bleed.