The ability to perform Leopold's Manoeuvre and provide immediate visualisation of the foetus after demonstration of the palpation skills is an advantage in teaching health professionals and students. Allows for visualisation of the concepts of breech and vertex presentations as well as anterior and posterior positions.

The Abdominal Palpation Model includes:

  • a foetus with a weighted body
  • movable arms and legs
  • firm buttocks and;
  • a head with palpable anterior and posterior fontanelles to allow for easy differentiation of foetal parts being palpated.

The body flexes to permit demonstration of all presentations and positions. The foetus and vinyl pelvis rest within the abdominal portion of the model. The abdomen is padded cloth attached by Velcro to the base which allows for easy removal and replacement in order to visualise and change foetal positions.

Movable gel packs are included to simulate amniotic fluid. Includes a practice/resource guide.

Weight 8.16kg