The EcoChemist's natural foaming hand sanitiser for germ free and soft hands is now available in packs of four or twelve 50ml bottles, so separate dispensers can be easily kept wherever needed, at home, work, school or in the car.

The Kiwi developed product is completely natural, doesn’t contain any alcohol or harsh chemicals, and is incredibly strong, killing 99.99% of germs.  

Each press of the dispenser produces enough foam to rub over hands to leave them soft and germ free.  No slippy gel, no stickiness and all softness.

Everyone needs to sanitise their hands regularly but using alcohol based products can irritate skin and make hands dry and scaly, causing cracks that can let germs in, not keep them out.

The EcoChemist includes a naturally occurring non-toxic super disinfectant made from passing an electric current through a salt and water solution - this compound is so natural, tiny amounts are found in the human body and used to fight germs.

The foaming hand sanitiser is free of perfume, fragrance, preservative and artificial colouring and suitable for sensitive skin. It has been developed by clever Kiwi scientists specialising in natural green chemistry and is made here in New Zealand.

Chris Ivers of The EcoChemist says reports show we are buying a lot more sanitiser now than we did a year ago and this will continue:

 “We all see bottles of hand sanitiser everywhere we go so the need to keep our hands germ free is not disappearing anytime soon - it has become a normal part of everyday life.

“The EcoChemist’s small 50ml bottles are convenient, easy to carry and ideal for wherever sanitising is needed - in the kitchen, bathroom, car, or workplace, and one can be put in your bag, or your kids' school bags. It can even fit in a pocket for when you are out and about.

 “And with clever, natural and green chemistry there’s no need to use alcohol or chemicals anymore - we like saying, nature’s got this.”

The EcoChemist range also includes the foaming hand sanitiser in a 500ml bottle, a surface and air cleaner in a 500ml bottle and bulk quantities of the same product that can be used as a fogging agent to decontaminate indoor spaces.

The range is available online through Pharmaco Medical + Emergency and directly from Pharmaco (NZ) Limited, a New Zealand based pharmaceutical and medical company, on 0508 414 564.