People are searching for natural, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, soft, and kind hand sanitiser and are even making it themselves. Why? They want an alternative to using alcohol and harsh chemicals to keep their hands germ-free.

Homemade sanitisers first became popular at the start of the pandemic as regular supplies ran out. It sounds like a good idea but it isn’t proven to have the germ-killing power needed, and they still use alcohol and chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide.

We are also using a lot more hand sanitiser, and those with alcohol and chemicals can irritate skin, make hands dry and scaly, and cause cracks that let germs in, not keep them out. 

It’s difficult to avoid sanitiser now and we are being encouraged to do more when hand washing isn’t practical. It’s everywhere, but some are just horrible. It squirts and drips from your hands, smells acrid and you can’t wait to wash it off - not exactly the point. 

So, what if you could have a natural strong sanitiser, that sits on your hand and doesn’t slide, has been laboratory tested and proven to kill 99.99% of germs, and is also kind and soft?

The EcoChemist’s foaming hand sanitiser solves the problem. Completely eco-friendly, it includes a naturally occurring non-toxic super disinfectant made from passing an electric current through a salt and water solution - this compound is so natural, we have tiny amounts in our bodies to fight germs.

It is also free of perfume, fragrance, preservative, and artificial colouring and is suitable for sensitive skin. Better still, it’s been developed by clever Kiwi scientists specialising in natural green chemistry and is made right here in New Zealand.

Each press of the dispenser produces enough foam to rub over hands to leave them soft and germ-free. No slippy gel, no stickiness, and all softness.

OK, it’s not homemade but it’s everything else, a gentle giant of a product that will help keep your family germ-free and be kind to you and the environment at the same time. 


The EcoChemist’s natural foaming hand sanitiser comes in handy 50ml bottles that easily fit in a bag, pocket, or glove box, or sit on a kitchen bench or desk.  It’s sold in packs of four or twelve as well as single 500ml dispensers. The range also includes a surface and air cleaner in a 500ml bottle.

You can buy The EcoChemist online through Pharmaco Medical + Emergency or from Pharmaco (NZ) Limited, a New Zealand-based pharmaceutical and medical company, on 0508 414 564.