Keeping kids’ hands sanitised during the day has been made easier now The EcoChemist’s natural foaming hand sanitiser is available in a handy 50ml bottle that easily fits in a school bag.

The EcoChemist doesn’t use alcohol or harsh chemicals and contains a natural super disinfectant making it a great option for children.

Developed and made in New Zealand by clever Kiwi scientists specialising in natural green chemistry, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly and incredibly strong, killing 99.99% of germs.  

Each press of the dispenser produces enough foam to rub over hands to leave them soft and germ-free. No slippy gel, no stickiness and all softness.

Children need to sanitise their hands regularly, but using alcohol or chemical-based products can irritate young skin and make hands dry and scaly, causing cracks that can let germs in, not keep them out.

The EcoChemist is made by passing an electric current through a salt and water solution - the result is a compound that’s so natural, tiny amounts of it are also found in the human body and used to fight germs.

 Chris Ivers of The EcoChemist says many parents prefer their children to use products free of alcohol or harsh chemicals, and having a small handy sanitiser in their school bag is a good way to help them stay germ-free: 

“It’s not easy keeping kids' hands clean at the best of times but we all know about the importance of sanitising, especially at school where germs are passed around easily.

“Every school is trying its hardest to keep kids and teachers healthy - sanitising is part of the class routine. But many will question using chemicals and alcohol long-term.

“Natural green chemistry has made it possible to produce this eco-friendly product.  It’s strong and kind and will give parents peace of mind that nature’s got this.”

The EcoChemist 50ml is available in packs of four or twelve bottles online through Pharmaco Medical + Emergency and directly from Pharmaco (NZ) Limited, a New Zealand based pharmaceutical and medical company, on 0508 414 564.